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Poe Behead Support: Unleashing the Power of Strikes

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Welcome to the realm of Path of Exile, where you define the journey of a warrior through your mastery of skills and the gems that empower you. This article will delve into the intricacies of a remarkable support gem called Behead Support. Poe Behead Support maximises the potential of strike-based builds, opening up new possibilities for players with its unique properties and synergistic capabilities. Join us as we explore the depths of this gem’s power and uncover its secrets.

Poe Behead Support
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Table of Contents

  1. What is Behead Support?
  2. Interactions and Mechanics
  3. Gem Level Progression
  4. Popular Strike Skills
  5. Building with Behead Support
  6. Community Insights and Feedback
  7. Conclusion
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Behead Support?

The Behead Support, support gem enhances strike skills in Path of Exile remarkably. Supported skills receive various benefits from it, as it increases their damage and range while they target enemies on low life. Additionally, killing blows against rare or unique monsters refresh the duration of modifiers granted. Behead Support enhances your strikes, making them more devastating and enabling you to acquire the powers of your fallen foes.

2. Interactions and Mechanics

Behead Support unlocks new possibilities when combining it with strike skills like Dominating Blow. Minions summoned by Dominating Blow steal modifiers from rare enemies, enabling an additional layer of versatility to your build. You can improve your map-clearing efficiency by selectively targeting rare enemies and delivering killing blows to harness their power.

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3. Gem Level Progression

As the Behead Support gem levels up, it increases in potency. Supported skills receive increased melee strike range at each level, enhancing their reach and effectiveness. Furthermore, the gem increases damage against enemies on low life by escalating percentages. I recommend investing in the quality of the Behead Support gem to fully optimise your strike-based build.

4. Popular Strike Skills

Various strike skills synergize with Behead Support, each offering unique playstyles and mechanics. Behead Support is often paired with these popular strike skills:

  • You can summon minions from slain enemies and steal their modifiers with the support of Behead Support using the Dominating Blow skill.Support.
  • Lightning Strike: Unleash projectiles infused with lightning damage to strike down foes from a distance.
  • Flicker Strike: Embrace the chaos of battle as you teleport between enemies, delivering devastating strikes with the support of Behead Support.
  • Dual Strike: Unleash two powerful strikes simultaneously, overwhelming your enemies with sheer force.

Behead Support can enhance these strike skills, and here are just a few examples. Encourage experimentation, as each skill offers a unique gameplay experience.

5. Building with Behead Support

Carefully considering skill choices, passive tree allocation, and equipment selection is required when building a character around Behead Support. To further enhance your strike-based build, you can choose ascendancies like Champion, Slayer, or Berserker, depending on your preferred playstyle. In addition, when you combine Behead Support with support gems like Multistrike Support or Fortify Support, they can provide significant benefits.

6. Community Insights and Feedback

The Path of Exile community has expressed varied opinions about Behead Support. The gem has been found to be a valuable addition to some players’ builds, enhancing their strike skills and improving overall performance. However, some voices also highlight the gem’s underwhelming nature and suggest the need for potential buffs in future updates. The community’s feedback shapes the future of any new addition to the game.

7. Conclusion

Behead Support breathes new life into strike-based builds in Path of Exile. It opens up exciting possibilities for players seeking to maximise the potential of their strikes with its ability to grant modifiers from fallen rare enemies and amplify damage against foes on low life. Embrace Behead Support’s power and unleash devastating blows upon your enemies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Behead Support be used with any skill in Path of Exile? Behead Support specifically supports strike skills. It enhances the performance of strike-based skills, providing increased damage and range.
  2. Is Behead Support effective in clearing maps? Behead Support significantly enhances map-clearing efficiency when combined with strike skills like Dominating Blow. Your minions gain additional capabilities by stealing modifiers from rare enemies, which makes map clearing faster and smoother.
  3. Which ascendancy classes work well with Behead Support? Ascendancy classes like Champion, Slayer, and Berserker offer synergistic benefits for strike-based builds. Each class brings unique advantages that can further amplify the power of Behead Support.
  4. Are there any unique items that synergize well with Behead Support? Although there are no specific unique items exclusively designed for Behead Support, you can explore various items that enhance strike skills, melee damage, or minion capabilities. Consider choosing items that complement your strike skill and playstyle.
  5. Will Behead Support receive any future updates or buffs? Grinding Gear Games’ development team actively listens to player feedback and continuously works on improving and balancing the game. The development team may introduce changes or buffs to Behead Support in future updates based on community insights and overall game balance.


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Please note that I accurately provided the information above at the time of writing this article. We recommend that you visit the official Path of Exile website and community forums for the latest updates and changes.

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