Is Golf With Friends Crossplay or Cross Platform? Complete 2023 Guide Explained

Golf with friends crossplay:- Well-liked for its thrilling and captivating gameplay, Golf With Friends is a multiplayer game. “Is Golf With Friends Cross Platform?” is a question that a lot of gamers have. We will address this question straightforwardly and thoroughly as we go through this extensive tutorial.

Date of release for Crossplay Golf With Friends

As of 2023, a crossplay option for Golf With Friends has yet to be released despite its widespread popularity. There has yet to be a mention of when crossplay compatibility will be available from the creators, Team17 and Blacklight Interactive.

Golf with friends crossplay for PC and PS4 / PS5

Golf With Friends does not, regrettably, support cross-platform play between PC and PS4 or PS5. As a result, multiplayer gaming is not possible for users of these platforms.

Crossplay Golf With Friends on Xbox One and PC

Likewise, cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One is not supported in Golf With Friends. For pals who want to play together but have various gaming platforms, this cannot be very pleasant.

Golf with friends crossplay on Xbox One, PS4 and PS5

Unfortunately, Xbox One and PS4/PS5 users cannot play together via cross-play. Users on these platforms are unable to communicate with one another during a game session due to this limitation.

Crossplay Golf With Friends for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

As of 2023, Golf With Friends cross-play between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S is not supported. Users cannot join the same game on these two platforms.

Golf With Friends compatibility between PS4 and PS5

The scenario is the same with Golf With Friends on PS4 and PS5, as neither system supports crossplay. PS4 and PS5 players cannot interact with one another in games.

How Do You Play Golf with Your Friends Using Split-screen?

Unfortunately, you can’t play Golf with a friend in a split-screen session right now. Players must use their own internet-connected devices to participate.

Is Golf With Friends a Cross-Development Game?

Cross-progression is currently unsupported in Golf with Friends. Because of this, a player’s progress on one platform (say, PC) cannot be transferred to another (say, Xbox or PlayStation).

Golf With Friends: Intergenerational?

Unfortunately, intergenerational play is not yet available in Golf with Friends. This implies that gamers who own consoles from the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 generations cannot play online with those who own consoles from the Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5 generations.


While it’s true that Golf With Friends is a lot of fun to play with a group of friends, it’s currently missing certain key cross-play, cross-progression, and cross-generation elements.

Players on different platforms are unable to collaborate due to a lack of cross-platform functionality.

To make the game more user-friendly, we recommend the developers think about implementing these features in future patches.


Will 2023 Golf With Friends Cross Platform?

By 2023, Golf With Friends isn’t cross-platform. Players from different platforms cannot play.

Why Is Golf With Friends Not Cross-Playable?

Cross-platform functionality is not yet in Golf With Friends. Technical issues, design decisions, or game elements may be to blame.

Chances of Golf With Friends Crossplay?

Golf With Friends crossplay is still being determined. The developers have not commented.

Here is Golf With Friends Crossplay Rumours

The developers have yet to confirm crossplay for Golf With Friends as of 2023.

Golf With Friends Crossplay cross-progression?

Golf With Friends doesn’t cross-progress. Between platforms, game progress is not transferable.

Can Friends Golf Cross-Generation?

No, Golf With Friends does not allow intergenerational play. Games from multiple console generations are incompatible.

Split-screen golf with friends?

Golf With Friends doesn’t allow split-screen. Separate devices are needed for multiplayer.


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