Twitter suspends Mastodon’s account, blocks users from sharing Mastodon links

Twitter suspends Mastodon’s account

Mastodon, a Twitter alternative, can no longer access this connection’s full range of services.
Thursday afternoon, Twitter reportedly terminated the open-source Twitter competitor Mastodon. Some think the company posted a link to its jet tracking account before turning off the @joinmastodon account.

A social networking website that competes with Twitter and acts as an alternative is gaining popularity. Even Mastodon’s official Twitter account was temporarily unavailable. Company Suspended Prominent Journalists’ Twitter Accounts Ahead of New Rules Due to Critical Coverage of Elon Musk”

At 7:00 p.m. PDT, Twitter began marking several Mastodon URLs as dangerous, rendering them inaccessible to users. Twitter has prohibited access to several websites, including and However, users may still access and utilize many other sites.

Twitter alternative, Mastodon, can no longer access this connection's full range of services. Twitter reportedly terminated the open-source Twitter competitor Mastodon
Image Credit: James Duncan Davidson

Users received a message stating, “We can’t complete this request because Twitter or our partners have identified this link as potentially harmful” when attempting to share a link to a blocked server.

Jack Sweeney, a University of Florida graduate in the IT business, is the author of the now-banned Twitter account @ElonJet and many other flight-tracking bots that aggregate flight data from public sources. Twitter has canceled Sweeney’s account and several bots, one of which sent Mark Zuckerberg status updates. Twitter has also suspended many more bots.

Gizmodo attempted to get Twitter’s opinion on the suspension of Mastodon but was unable to do so. Devastating news circulated that 3,700 Twitter employees would face layoffs, causing the PR department to feel distressed.

Elon Musk welcomes “any statement” on Twitter but has blocked certain accounts for “personal reasons.” Musk, though, is responsible for the return of many white supremacists on Twitter.

Mastodon could be an alternative to Twitter if you are looking for a new social media platform. Because it is open-source and distributed, the platform’s development is not under the authority of a single organization or group of organizations. The administrators of Mastodon servers require users to follow their rules, but users are free to switch to another server if they desire.

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