Trump’s ‘Major Announcement’ Was Superhero-Themed $99 NFTs

Trump’s ‘Major Announcement’ Was $99 NFTs.

Donald Trump fulfilled the “big news” he announced on his Truth Social account on Thursday by releasing a “limited edition” set of NFT playing cards that depict him as a superhero, Hollywood celebrity, and more.

Limited-Edition Digital Cards Featuring Artwork of Trump’s Life and Career May Be Available for $99 Each. To a collector, “they may be like baseball cards, but hopefully far more exciting,” Trump said.

Trump had teased “big news” the day before in a post on Truth Social with the headline “America needs a superhero.”

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Instead, he shared information on where to get the most recent digital trading cards.

It’s just $99 per person, including all taxes and fees. Trump’s Thursday tweet of an image of Obama dressed as a superhero, and his subsequent description of the books as “a fabulous Christmas present” caused an immediate surge in demand for the publications.

John Kiriakou, author and former CIA officer, said, “Just when you thought this grifter couldn’t embarrass himself any more than he already has, there’s this.” And now, the unexpected news.

Trump released a "limited edition" set of NFT playing cards on Thursday, fulfilling his "major news" on Truth Social.
Trump’s ‘Major Announcement’ Was $99 NFTs.

It is anticipated that Trump’s entry into the NFT market will cause prices to decrease and volume to increase. Bloomberg reported that NFT trade volume dropped 97% between January and September of this year as investors grew more concerned about the security of the digital asset market.

Dan Pfeiffer suggested tweeted, “If Donald Trump loses the GOP Primary (a pretty big if), we might want to look at the moment where he responded to Ron DeSantis’s surge in the polls by releasing a set of weird NFTs to line his pockets,”

Trump’s predicament deteriorated after he had dinner with white supremacist Nick Fuentes (aka “The Don”) and anti-Semitic artist Kanye West (or “Ye”).

You may say what you want about Trump’s terrible NFT collapse, but as Vox writer Ian Millhiser tweeted, “I don’t see a lot of media talking about Ron DeSantis’ appeal to the main anti-vaxxer community in the Republican primary anymore.”

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