Thailand navy warship sinks in Gulf of Thailand, many rescued, 31still missing

The Royal Thailand Navy tried to help the disabled ship by sending out three frigates and two helicopters equipped with mobile pumping machines to drain the water.

The Royal Thailand Navy sent three frigates and two helicopters with mobile pumping machines to help the disabled ship.
Thailand navy searching for 31 sailors in water after ship sank in the sea

Tahi navy warship sinks: The Thai navy reported 12 hours ago that at least 31 of their sailors are still missing after their warship sank in rough seas in the Gulf of Thailand the night before. “Ships and helicopters rescued 75 crew members from the HTMS Sukhothai corvette, according to a report from the Thai Navy. The search for the remaining crew members is ongoing. The incident, which occurred on Sunday night due to high waves, prompted authorities to urge small boats not to use the waterways.”

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As more water flooded the ship after the power went out, it began to list and eventually sink.

The incident happened while the warship was out on patrol, about 32 kilometres (20 miles) from the dock in the Bangsaphan district of Prachuap Khiri Khan province.

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“A series of storms and floods have hit far southern Thailand in recent days, despite record-low temperatures in the north and center of the country.” Authorities have asked boats to stay in port.

Pokkrong said the ship was patrolling to help fishing boats.

“Rescuing all the sailors is our top priority.” He said we would salvage the ship later. Searches covered 16 square kilometers (6.2 square miles) around the sinking. Storms and flooding have hit the far southern part of Thailand, while the north and center of the country are having their coldest weather of the year. Stay ashore; ships were warned.

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