OpenAI connects ChatGPT to the internet: Explained

The Internet is now accessible to OpenAI’s popular AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT and here is how OpenAI connects ChatGPT to the internet . OpenAI released plugins for ChatGPT, which broaden the bot’s capabilities by giving it access to external knowledge sources and databases, such as the Internet. OpenAI claims it will provide preferential access to its … Read more

Meta beats earnings expectations with the help of ad revenue growth

The social media company, Meta Platforms Inc. (META), beat earnings estimates for the second quarter of 2023, thanks in part to its strong advertising revenue growth, which was aided by AI-driven products.1 Meta Platforms Inc. reported its second quarter 2023 results on pages 1-3. The shares surged as much as 7% in after-hours trading and … Read more