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Daily Updates

India wants Canada to reduce the number of diplomats interfering in their affairs.

  • WillNig 

Earlier today, India suspended visa services in Canada, potentially impacting thousands who are seeking to travel to India. New Delhi is located in India. Today, the government announced that it has requested Canada to downsize its diplomatic presence in India. The government cited the “interference of Canadian diplomats in Indian… 

Take Notice! The first month of Vidgo, which includes 110+ live channels and NFL Redzone, costs just $20.

  • WillNig 
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Vidgo currently offers a special to kick off the start of football season. Vidgo is currently offering the first month of all Vidgo packages for just $20. If you choose the premium package, you can also get the NFL Redzone for $20. Red Zone is just $20, making it one… 

Alexee Trevizo’s Attorney Blames Hospital for Baby’s Death

  • WillNig 

Introduction The nation has been captivated by a heart-wrenching and shocking incident where someone discovered a discarded newborn baby’s lifeless body in a trash bin. The community was sent shockwaves by the tragic discovery and it sparked a nationwide conversation about accountability, responsibility, and the fragility of life. Alexee Trevizo’s…