Antonio Banderas wants Tom Holland to play Zorro in a potential third film

Antonio Banderas wants Tom Holland to play Zorro in potential third film

Tom Holland, who co-starred with Antonio Banderas in the film Uncharted, has been touted by Banderas as the ideal actor to play a younger Zorro in a reboot. There is a good chance that Anthony Hopkins may want to present Holland with a Zorro mask, similar to what Anthony Hopkins did for Him back in the year 1998.

Banderas wants Tom Holland to portray Zorro in a third movie, Image source: The Hindu

In a film that premiered this year, the 62-year-old actor who played Puss in Boots co-starred with the 26-year-old actor who played Spider-Man. An exciting adventure film directed by Reuben Fleisher.

“I did Uncharted with him. He’s so energetic and fun; he’s got this spark, too. Why not? I believe I told it to someone earlier today. Someone inquired as to my knowledge of Zorro. I would do what Anthony Hopkins did for me and transmit the torch if I were asked to play Zorro again.” Banderas said

Johnston McCulley’s The Curse of Capistrano, published in 1919, is the first published work to include Zorro. The film “The Mask of Zorro,” starring Douglas Fairbanks, was based on the novel and released to theatres the same year due to the book’s success.

Tom Hiddleston, who voices the title character in the animated comic adventure Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, can’t wait for it to come out.

Do you think it would be interesting to see Zorro on TV again? Post your thoughts and suggestions here!

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